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Peoplespeak is available in a number of formats. You can choose to receive either pre-printed bulletins or bulletin masters which you can download and print yourself, so that you can then make and photocopy your own bulletins.

Bulletin Masters

Landscape - without Mass responses Landscape - with Mass responses Portrait - without Mass responses Portrait - with Mass responses Portrait - without Mass responses & no banner
Peoplespeak Bulletin Masters are available in a range of formats to give you all the flexibility that you need in your own parish to make and print your own bulletins. Bulletin Masters are by far the most cost-effective way to prepare your bulletin each week, because you purchase a licence to print as many copies as your parish or school needs.

A twelve-month subscription to Peoplespeak begins at just A$165 for access to electronic bulletins for every week of the year, plus full access to all the stories and clip-art for use in whatever way that your parish community may want. We will also mail to you printed masters each quarter (by Australia Post) if you wish for an additional charge of $10 per quarter, to cover the printing and postage. The costs of the various types of Peoplespeak subscriptions are as follows:

    1. Electronic access only - $165
    2. Hard copy and electronic access - $195
  • Peoplespeak subscribers gain access to all published bulletin masters for the current liturgical year, as well as any other resources that are available in the members-only section of the Carmelprint website. The bulletin masters are available for download from the website to the personal computer of the subscriber, in Adobe Reader format. Subscribers will need to have a copy of Adobe Reader on their computer to access and print the bulletin masters. Carmelprint recommends that subscribers download the latest available version of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is available for free download from the website.
  • Bulletin master files will include between six and nine weeks within the one file, and will include the format that the subscriber has currently chosen. As a subscriber you are able to change your preferred bulletin format at any time, by clicking on the “Change Preferences” link on the website.
  • Subscribers may be either individuals or juridical entities such as parishes or schools.
  • Subscriptions that are made before 15 September will receive a pro-rata discount, to include the actual weeks that remain accessible in the current liturgical year. The actual amount payable will be calculated and shown to you during the subscription process. Such subscribers will receive a reminder notice after 1 October to subscribe for the next year.
  • All subscribers will receive an email notification on or around 1 October each year, reminding them that they will receive an invoice with the next mailing for the new liturgical year.
  • Subscriptions which include a bulletin master hard copy (printed) option will include a fee to cover printing, postage and handling: this is currently set at $10 per quarter or $37 per year.
  • Subscriptions remain current unless they are cancelled.

Where you purchase a subscription to Peoplespeak bulletin masters, you are authorised to make as many copies of the bulletin master as may reasonably be required, provided that each bulletin master is only used within the parish or school which has purchased the subscription. In the case of two or more parishes which come under the direct authority of a single parish priest, that group of parishes may be treated as a single juridical entity for the purposes of a Peoplespeak bulletin master subscription, provided that the said pair or group of parishes is generally considered and treated as a single entity and there is a single parish bulletin for all the parishes.

Pre-printed bulletins

A parish might choose to order our pre-printed bulletins if they do not have ready access to suitable equipment.
These are available in ONE format only.
A4 size page LANDSCAPE (designed to fold in half to A5) - with Mass responses
Printed in one colour.
COST: A$5 per 100 (minimum of 50 per week) - GST and postage are additional. Postage is charged at an actual cost basis, and will be added to the quarterly invoice.
Sample cost per year (per 100 each week): $260 - invoiced and payable quarterly.

Subscriptions to Peoplespeak pre-printed bulletins DO NOT have access to additional resources on this website. You will simply receive the requested quantity of your bulletins when they are mailed 4 times each year.

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